Why Shop at Purr-Woof

Here at Purr-Woof we have been in the pet industry for 20+ years as a breeder working with many breeders worldwide. We are pet enthusiasts who are all about improving the lives of pets and pet lovers. Therefore we know how important it is to provide your furry pals with nothing but the best. Shop Purr-Woof for quality products and accessories approved by ourself and our very own breeders. We provide exclusive products that will help improve your over all pets to ensure they live a long healthy, happier and enjoyable life. We also offer Free Shipping & 100% 7 Days Money Back Guarantee on All Products!!!!

Have you been digging around for hours, for that practical products for you and your dog and keep coming up empty-handed? 

No more wasting time digging through tons of websites to find something that really work or you love. We put in the time to find & approve the best working products that are truly beautiful and unique so that you don't have to. 

Our Mission

We source high-quality, fashionable pet products that can be used by everyday pet parents for a simpler, easier, more efficient, and happier lifestyle.

It is our mission to only list the best approved hand-picked products on Purr-Woof. We’re passionate about customer satisfaction. We measure our success by the happiness and satisfaction of the people and pets we serve. 

Please feel free to reach out to us with your comments, and suggestions. We will glad to hear from you.


We’re here to make your cat purr and dog woof

We are here to make shopping for your pet enjoyable, easy, and effortless. Our highly curated selection is handpicked based on uniqueness, design, quality, and practicality.